OkuStim® Therapy

Preserving your vision.

Transcorneal electrical stimulation with the OkuStim System: a topically applied, self-adminstred treatment for retinal dystrophies.
Electrical stimulation therapy with the OkuStim System can help to slow down the narrowing of the visual field in retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative retinal disease, and thus retain usable vision for longer. (more)
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The picture of an OkuStim device


| Great idea! What happened then?

Retinal implants have disappointed expectations. Transcorneal electrostimulation has kept its niche and can already give RP sufferers a treatment perspective today.

A DLF radio interview with Dr. Alfred Stett.

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| Facebook

Okuvision is now on Facebook. Follow us for regular updates.

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| Okuvision in the new decade

Our very best wishes for 2020. The new year begins with the good news that Okuvision is ready to deliver.

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| Okuvision at end of 2019

Okuvision GmbH is looking back on an exciting year of reformation and rebuilding. We are glad to be able to say that we have reached all the goals we could influence the outcomes of. Unfortunately, however, the CE certification could not be concluded before the end of the year.

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| Okuvision in Autumn

While our efforts are focused on the preparation of the audit for the new CE certification at the end of the month, there is already good news from our partners: Most of our OkuStim® competence centers will remain available to us and to you.

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| Okuvision GmbH has moved

After a successful relaunch in June, OKUVISION GmbH has now moved to its new premises at Aspenhaustraße 25 in Reutlingen and started operations there.

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