OkuStim® Therapy

Preserving your vision.

Transcorneal electrical stimulation with the OkuStim System: a topically applied, self-adminstred treatment for retinal dystrophies.
Electrical stimulation therapy with the OkuStim System can help to slow down the narrowing of the visual field in retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative retinal disease, and thus retain usable vision for longer. (more)
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The picture of an OkuStim device


| Okuvision GmbH relaunches

The formerly independent and in spring 2017 integrated into the RETINA IMPLANT AG Okuvision GmbH restarts these days. With the help of an investor, OKUVISION GmbH will ensure the supply of the Okustim® therapy system and consumables. We plan to have the production facility rebuilt and validated at a new location by October in order to ensure a successful audit and a new CE approval. Previous employees could be won for the new task at OKUVISION GmbH and our team is ready for a new beginning.

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