03.06.2019 | Okuvision GmbH relaunches

Supply of transcorneal electrical stimulation (TES) is ensured

Following the announcement in March that with the liquidation of RETINA IMPLANT AG the supply of the OkuStim® therapy system for transcorneal electrostimulation (TES) will also be discontinued, patients and active users, as well as many clinics, ophthalmologists, and some patient associations, have reacted disappointed and sometimes emotionally. It became very clear that due to the lack of alternative treatment options and sources of supply there is a recognisable demand for the OkuStim® therapy system.

This intense response has resulted in an intensive discussion among the team and their supporters how the supply of the Okustim® therapy system can be ensured. We are very pleased that there is now a concrete answer to this question:

Formerly an independent company and integrated into RETINA IMPLANT AG in spring 2017, OKUVISION GmbH is currently being relaunched. With the help of an investor, OKUVISION GmbH will ensure the supply of the OkuStim® therapy system and consumables. We plan to have the production reopened and validated at a new location, by October, to facilitate a successful audit and new CE-certification. Former members of RETINA IMPLANT staff have been won for the new task at OKUVISION GmbH and our team is ready for the new beginning.

Most importantly: thanks to the extraordinary commitment of our production team, it has been possible to produce such a large quantity of electrodes in the recent weeks that the supply of active users should be secured for the coming half-year.

This provides us with the time necessary to rebuild OKUVISION GmbH. We expect to require about 6 months until we have everything up and running and can also offer the OkuStim® system to new users.

We are very excited and grateful for this opportunity, especially in regard to the many people affected by retinitis pigmentosa and the fact that transcorneal electrostimulation is one of the few, if not the only, meaningful therapeutic approach available to people affected by RP today and for the foreseeable future.

Okuvision GmbH

Dr. Alfred Stett