Your Path to the TES therapy with the OkuStim System

Your Path to the TES therapy with the OkuStim System


Telephone consultation

We would be happy to answer all your questions about the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa with the OkuStim System in a telephone consultation. Of course, this also applies to finding a doctor or a suitable clinic. Please contact us directly, we are looking forward to getting to know you.


Diagnosis and therapy eligibility

TES therapy is suitable for people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa as well as other generalised hereditary retinal disorders, such as cone-rod dystrophy, choroideremia and Usher-syndrome. In an initial appointment your doctor will make a diagnosis and determine if the TES therapy is the appropriate treatment for you and your condition. If the therapy is suitable you will receive a prescription.


Financing of OkuStim

The cost for the TES therapy with the OkuStim system will have to be borne by the patient. However, patients can lodge an individual request for reimbursement with their health insurance company.


Training sessions

In principle, you can use the TES therapy at home independently after the initial therapy adjustment by the doctor. However, should you feel insecure about the application, we recommend that you have three to four sessions training sessions at a qualified competence centre or low-vision optician.


Therapy plan and application

The basis for the OkuStim therapy is the therapeutic dose or stimulation level determined by your doctor.
The therapy is then administered once per week for 30 minutes. This is pre-set for you in your OkuStim.


Follow-up examination

At least every six months a follow-up exam at an OkuStim Competence Centre is required. Here it is determined how the TES therapy influences the course of your disease and if the therapy dose has to be adjusted.

At this visit you will also receive a prescription for the OkuEl electrodes, which you can obtain from one of our qualified low vision opticians.

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